Sanhua Won the Ticket of B20 Germany 2017


In the late night of Oct.19th of Beijing time, B20 Germany 2017 Secretary released the news that Sanhua Holding Group was granted the membership of Energy, Climate & Resource Efficiency (short for ECRE) for its outstanding contribution in global HVAC/R industry. CEO Mr. Zhang Yabo, and Chief Scientist Dr. Huang Lin-jie will take part in the B20 ECRE taskforce. This is the second successive time for Sanhua to participate in B20 since it took part in B20 Hangzhou 2016.

The B20 is an integral part of the G20 process and represents the global business community. The B20’s task is to support the G20 by making concrete recommendations for actions, consolidating global businesses’ interests, and lending its expertise to the G20. Until now, the B20 has submitted over 400 proposals which are highly weighted by G20 leaders and being enrolled into G20 Summit Communique. The process of taskforces membership selection is rather strict, which requires several criteria in geographic and sectoral balance within taskforce/cross-thematic groups as well as the seniority of the applicants within the respective company/organization/ forum they are epresenting.

Memberships of ECRE are limited to 100 persons. Relied on two strategic wings of “technology leading”and“globalization operation”, Sanhua is dedicated to three fields HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) machines for commercial and residential buildings, air conditioning and thermal system in automobiles, and home appliances that need cooling and heating functions. Sanhua has attended B20 Hangzhou Summit as a membership of Employment Taskforce, proposing comments on innovative employment and for its active performance, it is well observed by B20 Secretary. The invitation from B20 Germany is the acknowledgement of Sanhua’s great achievement in energy, climate & resource efficiency. According to the news released from B20 Germany Secretary, the members of ECRE group are primarily industry seniorities and there are in total 11 companies/organizations from China, comprising of CCPIT, China Guodian Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, China Huaneng Group, Shuangliang Group, Jinko Solar and Trina Solar etc. Members from all over the world are listed as Siemens AG, Schneider Electric GmbH, Continental, Linde, BASF, Danfoss, GE and Keidanren (Japan Buiness Federation) etc.

Paris Agreement has been taken into effect globally since Nov.4th. The global climate governance has been entered into a new stage with slogan of zero emission and environment protection.

Under the business philosophy of “dedicated and leading with innovation and exceeding ”with orientation of low carbon and intelligent controls, Sanhua will do its utmost to make China a beautiful country with blue sky, green vegetation and clear rivers.

B20 GERMANY 2017