Ball Valve CBVT


  • Straightway type, full port, low pressure drop - High efficiency
  • Valve body with welded structure - product strength and reliability
  • Rotate 1/4 circles from full-open to full-close- Easy and fast to operate
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Valve body and connection tubes are full stainless steel - Increased strength and high corrosion resistantce
  • Bi-metal connections - Easy and fast soldering

Note: 1) CBVT valves fulfill internal tightness requirements of the standard EN12284, paragraph 9.6.3 in both flow directions. Installations with shut off function to the atmosphere (just temporarily for service purpose): Please install the solder connection “B” at the airside. Please see solder connection “A” and “B” at the dimensional drawing page 3. Remark: Welding body junction is always at solder connection “A”

General Specifications

  • Applicable for R744 (CO2)
  • Mediium temperature TS min./max: -56ºC/+150ºC
  • Max. operating pressure PS: 12MPa (120 bar)
  • Installation position: liquid, suction and discharge line in all directions
  • Certifications: PED declaration