RFGF Series

RFGF Series

ref. RFGF Series

RFGF series are used to regulate refrigerant flow rate into the evaporator. These valves are supplied with internal check valve. This series is mostly used in AC/Heat pump applications


  • An internal check valve for reversible AC/HP system optimization
  • Pressure equalization port for decreasing the influence of pressure drop in evaporator
  • Stainless steel power element, capillary and bulb for high robustness
  • Adsorption charge to make sure the system stability and efficiency

General specification

  • Refrigerants: R410A, R22
  • Max. operating pressure:3.5MPa (R22), 4.6MPa (R410A)
  • Max. operating pressure:3.5MPa (R22), 4.6MPa (R410A)
  • Installation position:preferably valve head upwards
  • Certificates: UL and PED declaration