Foundational period


Foundation Sanhua in  Xinchang, Zhejiang Province

  • Xinchang Refrigeration Components Factory (Pre Zhejiang Sanhua Group)
  • Factory produces 3/2D solenoid valve gaining big market share
  • Positive economical situation solid foundation for new developments
  • Placing the company forward in a new period of improvement

Improvement period


Zhejiang Sanhua Group. Ltd. formally founded.
Japanese company joined to the project

  • New Refrigeration and air condition components developed and introduction
  • Solenoid Valves worldwide leader
  • Reversing Valve rank 1st in the world
  • Automotive leader in electronic expansion car's AC.
  • Sanhua Spirit "Improving and self exceeding"
  • Sanhua recognition " quick reply and immediate action"
  • Top 100 quality national companies


Sanhua listed as one of the Top 500 valuable brands in China

Development period


Zhejiang Sanhua passed the audit to enter the capital market
people: 2000 // revenues Unit usd 1.000.000: 380

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 1012 certified. (Quality, Environmental, Measurement)
  • QC080000 certified. (Hazard substance handling)
  • CQC, CE, TUV, UL, VDE, International Quality Safety and Standards approved


Stocks launched in Shenzhen stock market

  • 100 production lines
  • 210 Own R&D Patents
  • 12 National Standard Certifications
  • Several national awards as success company, local and international recognition


Sanhua Holding Group formally founded
people: 2000 //
revenues Unit usd 1.000.000: 500

  • Top supplier recognized by the top global manufacturers and producers of AC and Automotive


Reorganize HVAC&R Business of Sanhua Holding Group (Sanhua Climate and Control, Sitong Electro-mechanics, Sanyuan Machinery, Sanhua International (US), Nihon Sanhua Trading Co., LTd (Japan))

  • Sanhua acquires "Ranco" 4 way reversing valves, division of Invensys Group
    • Diversifying in real State Industry and new components in automotive industry
    • Diversifying in assembly services for automotive and AC industry
    • 20 manufacturing facilities
  • AAA rated in standard international. Standardization &Good-Conduct Enterprise
  • HelioFocus founded, Sanhua share investment, this project is developing a full system solution for providing solar heat using air as a heat transfer fluid, renewable solar energy field company ,steam generation by heat exchanger and boosting current electric power plants.
  • Sanhua International Europe formally founded


Listed Top 500 largest companies in China, Machinery Industry

  • Awarded as High Technology Enterprise
  • Honored with National Quality Award


Unification Holding Group all 3 division united

  • 30 Companies founded and/or acquired under the Sanhua Holding Group
  • R&D Facility and Equipment totally renewed and formally founded as institution. Team holds more than 300 top level people and students from top universities
  • Global facilities, operations and sales offices around the world in strategic points


Listed Top 100 most valued Chinese Industrial brands

  • Ranked Top 500 strong companies in China


Sanhua aquired Aweco solenoid valves división.
Aweco is a Global components Company based in Germany

  • Ranked Top 500 strong companies in China


Global Supplier of components Refrigeration & Air Conditioned & Automotive