R&D and manufacturing

Sanhua R&D developes every new product and component in Sanhua

Sanhua R&D developes every new product and component in Sanhua.

Besides the Innovative process, every month our components passes a process of improvement and efficiency or renewal which makes our products the best option to the industry manufacturers in order to get the A rate in their final products."For something like" our products helps to achieve the highest efficiency rates.

World class R&D expertise

World class R&D expertise

170+ employees in Sanhua R&D center, including 11 with PHD, 26 with Master degree


Revenues Unit usd 1.000.000

Quality from design to mass production

Quality from design to mass production

Sanhua Quality testing lab with the best equipment in world to try and test every product and component in...

Everyone of our componen passes a process of quality which makes our products the option to the industry . Sanhua makes the final product a re product ready to be installe most demanding equipmen world of refrigeration and A.

TS/ISO quality management certified facilities with industry leading ppm performance.


Sanhua certificates

  • R&D Facility holds top measurement and testing equipment and global class people with key universities of the world.
  • Products of Sanhua have passed many international and domestic safety certificates such as CQC, CE, TüV, UL, VDE, and have gained trust and satisfaction from customers with reliable and continuous-improving quality.
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO14001 Environment Management System
  • QC080000 Hazardous Substance
  • ISO10012 Measurement Management System