Sustainability and Environment Protection


Sanhua has been developing together with a famous car manufacturer components which improve the efficiency of their Electric car system. A project team from Sanhua R&D developed an electronic expansion valve (EXV) which has efficient superheat control for cabinet cooling and battery cooling compared to traditional thermal expansion valve.

GM Volt e-car

Our target is to provide components and solutions to different industries in order to help the protection of the environment by reducing their energy consumption and increasing their system efficiency.

Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger

By using MCHE the system gas charge reduces by 30% and the coil is 100% recyclable.

Electronic Expansion Valve

By using EXV the performance of the system increase by 10%

Inverter Driver

By using Inverter Driver the energy efficiency of the system increase by 30%

Our EXV and MCHE are a major driver contributing to the increase of efficiency of the Asian A/C systems. This is in line with the new law issues in China which supports and encourage increasing the efficiency of the Chinese A/C systems by using components such as EXV.

HelioFocus Solar Thermal Solutions HelioFocus Solar Thermal Solutions

HelioFocus Solar Thermal Solutions

HelioFocus, founded in 2007, is developing a full system solution for providing solar heat using air as a heat transfer fluid.

The company’s product comprises a unique receiver located at the focal of a large parabolic dish that reflects sun rays onto it. The receiver converts the sun rays into hot air, which is then used for a variety of applications.

HelioFocus Solar Thermal Solutions

Heat applications are well known in the renewable solar field. The company focuses on boosting existing power plants with solar heat as a market penetration strategy.

Additionally, the company is developing solutions for Full stand alone power station and distributed power generation & CHP to be implemented at later stage.

HelioFocus Solar Thermal Solutions

HelioFocus is mainly held by IC Green Energy (Israel) and Zhejiang Sanhua (China)

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