Sanhua brand

Brand values

SANHUA's core values are in the basis of everything we do, and every word we say.
They must influence each step we take.


We are focused on customer needs: improving process, products and services, pursuing the best quality and hi-efficient solutions.


Reliability in the product quality and in the service efficiency.


Global footprint with LOCAL support.

"We think globally and act locally".


Easy to undestand (company, products and services), easy to buy, easy to contact.

Basic elements to build a brand

It is our "signature": one of the most significant elements of our organization.

SANHUA positioning?

Sanhua means Innovation, Whole solutions, Future

SANHUA is has 30 years
of sustainable growth.

SANHUA means talented.
It means networking, knowledge transfer.

Chilling Ideas Worldwide

World for world...


Industrial sector information


We offer ideas & solutions above products or components


How we do business